The do's and don'ts of booking a golf travel package

Are you booking your golf trip soon? Here’s some good advice on what to do and what not to do when doing so. From the planning phase right up to the holiday itself; find out from those who have been to Europe for a golf holiday how to get the most out of your vacation.

DO conduct some research before going

You’ll have to pack appropriately for your golf trip, so a bit of research will do you the world of good. Check out the weather, the golf course dress code and of course, the other activities available there. You may also want to find out some smaller details such as whether your resort has a pool, a spa, or other sporting facilities other than golf.

DON’T over-plan your activities

But remember, this is a holiday. Don’t over-plan to the point where spontaneity goes out the window. Find a way to enjoy every minute by filling your free time with things you didn’t expect. European golf holidays are full of surprises, so ensure you aren’t tied down to a strict schedule.

DO book your flights in advance

See to it that your flights are booked as far in advance as possible. This not only saves you money, but also saves you the hassle of having to book flights last minute. It’s just one less thing to worry about when your departure date arrives.

DON’T miss out on package deals

When booking flights, always opt for a package deal if one is available. Don’t sacrifice a good offer just for the sake of booking an early flight. Travel agents will often alert you to special deals that are happening closer to your departure. If these include accommodation or golf course fees, take them without hesitation!

DON’T let those activities take up all of your time

However, remember that this is a golf vacation. There’s nothing wrong with playing at least once a day and getting your companions to join you when you do. There’s also a place for practicing while you’re on holiday. Golf is an extremely relaxing activity, so when you’re on holiday, RELAX. You will find this advice useful as a first time golf holiday maker. Share these nuggets of wisdom with your companions and make sure you’re all on the same page in making your golf vacation the best one ever.

Additional Info

DO play a world famous course

Europe has many different courses on offer.

These have been designed by world famous golf course engineers—some of them professional golfers or former pros. These courses are also played by professional golfers regularly and even used for tournaments during championship season. Do yourself a favour and play these golf courses if you are able. It’s well worth the experience.

DON’T visit too many golf courses

But don’t become too much like a kid in a candy store when it comes to European golf courses.

Although you’ll be spoilt for choice, it’s best to concentrate your efforts on one or two courses during your stay. Conquer the golf course you choose—don’t give up until you do. The whole golfing experience is about telling others that you’ve played the best, and won.

DO take part in other activities

There are other things to do in Europe other than golf.

You may want to try some sightseeing, deep sea diving, windsurfing, fishing, and shopping. There are also plenty of awesome restaurants you should try. Try to spend your holiday doing other things other than golf—or you may leave regretting that you didn’t experience the country.

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