5 Things You Need To Consider If You Want To Buy A Wedge Set

Types of wedges

  • Gap Wedge: You can cover the loft distance by using a gap wedge on your golf club. The loft produced by a gap wedge is slightly more compared to the pitching wedge but not as high as the sand and lob wedges. Normally gap wedges cover a height varying from 46 to 54 degrees. a full swing using a gap wedge can easily cover a golf green ranging from 90 to 110 yards. Hence, you use a gap wedge to play at closer distances.
  • Pitching Wedge: It generates the lowest loft, the angle of attack ranging between 44 and 50 degrees. It is used when you have to cover short distances because the ball travels a distance falling between 110 and 140 yards. When the ball lands on the fairway, you must use the pitching wedge.
  • Sand Wedge: When the ball is obstructed by a sand bunker, i.e. a sand trap on the golf course, you can rescue the ball by using a sand wedge. The ball travels as high as 54 or 58 degrees and covers maximum 90 yards on the golf green. It is the ideal club to play a chip shot.
  • Lob Wedge The ball flies at a great trajectory quickly when it is hit with a lob wedge. The loft angle ranges from 60 to 65 degrees and the golf ball covers up to 70 yards of the golf green when you hit it with a lob wedge. It is an ideal club for hitting chip shots as well as approach shots.


You must consider the bounce factor when you buy a wedge set. Bounce refers to the angle created by the wedge bottom in relation to its leading edge. The bounce offered by different wedges range from standard, low, to high. If you want to play at the undulating fairways or hard surfaces, you must buy a wedge that offers a low bounce. However, if you are playing on softer greens, you must use a wedge having a higher bounce.


Golfers consider this factor as vital to buy a wedge. Professional golfers use a 60-degree wedge. Building a wedge set is easy – combine few 4 degrees and 6 degrees wedges ranging from pitching wedge, gap wedge, and lob wedge. Generally, three to four wedges are ideal for your kit bag.


When you choose to buy a wedge, you must consider the spin factor. Depending on the swinging style, you must select your club. Spin consistency is a vital factor that will help you arrive at a wise buying decision.

Choice of club shaft

The shafts of the wedges are not an omissible factor when you are planning to buy a wedge. If you do not have a good club driver, your wedges will not work properly.

To develop consistency, you must play with the same club shafts because you have gained confidence practicing with that shaft. If you are using a 6-iron wedge, you must use a soft shaft in order to hit a smooth golf swing.

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