Basic Ingredients Of An Effective Chipping Pre-Shot Routine

Every golfer knows the importance of having a pre-shot routine. A good pre-shot routine ensures you don’t succumb to pressure. A routine is a must to every short game shot, especially the chip shot.

Though the objective of a pre-shot routine is almost the same to every golfer, the steps involved in it varies from player to player. If your current routine isn’t working for you, here is a brief take on the ingredients that a good chip shot pre-shot routine must possess. Use the information given here to improve your routine or create a new one.

Begin by reading the green

Reading the green is a standard practice that golfers do before every chip and putt shot. You examine the green by first standing behind the ball and observing the green cover. Then, walk around the grass and examine the slope of the surface, the obstacles or cracks in them, and the direction of the grass. The eyes read the grass and the mind processes the information. Find out how the grass direction, thickness, slope, etc. will affect the ball. Furthermore, decide the landing point of the ball and the direction it should take after hitting the ground.

Take a few practice swings

Prior to taking practice swings and after reading the green you need to pick the most suitable golf club to play the chip shot. Once that’s done, approach the ball, and assume the normal stance. Take a deep breath and move a couple of feet away from the ball. From your new position follow all the fundamentals of a chip shot like assuming a stance, positioning the shoulders, etc. In all respect, the shot is the same the only difference is you take practice swings instead of hitting the ball. This part of the pre-shot routine will improve your focus, loosen the swing muscles, help you visualize the shot, and finally relieve you of the last minute jitters.

Align and address the shot

The final phase of the chipping pre-shot routine begins when you move closer to the ball. Assume the normal stance, position the ball, get the feet, hips, and shoulders in the proper position, see the target, and then focus on the ball. All these steps must happen in relatively quick succession. Thinking too much will only disturb concentration and insert doubts in your mind. Some players look only at the ball while chipping the ball, whereas others focus on the target. Follow the technique you find most comfortable.

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