Hitting An Approach Shot – 10 Professional Golf Tips

Tips to win your matches smoothly

The true mettle of a player is displayed in how he plays his short game. A good short game is possible when you learn how to make great approach shots, as you near the green. This will help you ensure a good score. And the right approach shot can make you score best or even win the tournament or match easily. Here are ten tips to help you master this shot.

  1. When you are about 120- yard distance, from the golf green, to make a pitch shot, line your body and the pin by opening up your shoulders a bit. Instead of half or three quarters swing, make a full swing and solid contact.
  2. A chip shot is best, if there are no hazards before you and the approach is uphill. Use a 7 or 9 iron and hit the club by taking it back to your knee level without wrist break. The ball will bounce uphill and roll on the green to the hole.
  3. If you are about 15 yards from the green or even less, a bump and run golf shot is best. Use your pitching wedge or 9-iron and take a shorter backswing. This can make the ball move in the air and bounce towards the hole.
  4. If you are at 50 to 70 yards from the golf green, gap wedge should be used. This is perfect, when you have a water or bunker before you and need a soft green landing. The gap wedge will make the ball land about 15 feet from the tee hole.
  5. When the distance from hole is about 25 to 50 yards, a lob wedge is best. This is ideal, if you have a tree, bunker or any other hazard before you. A lob wedge can lift the ball to a considerable height and make a soft landing. The ball actually stops or backs up as it lands.
  6. When you use a pitching wedge, at a distance of about 100 yards or over it, a full swing is the best way to hit it.
  7. Finding the right distance from the hole will help you make better approaches and better putts. The yardages stakes help you identify the distance.
  8. The pin placement namely front, back or middle also helps in making a closer shot.
  9. You should also assess the wind force and its direction before you attempt your approach shot.
  10. The key to a good approach shot is the distance. Within 125 yards, it is possible to hit the flag, but when you are short by 30 feet, you chip or pitch and when you get about 10 feet to left or right of flag and make the right distance, it is a good shot.
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