Three Driving Drills From Professional Golf Teachers

Our professional golf teachers can make you learn how to play golf like a pro. No matter how you play, there is always scope for learning in golf. So, read on to know about the best three driving drills.

Three driving drills that you can employ

  1. Coil, instead of twisting
  2. Many golf players twist their body during a backswing. While playing a shot, they twirl their body against the target, with just little or no torque in the body. This leaves the player with less power, since the upper body is not influenced by the lower body. Also, in twisting, the right knee bents to a great extent. Hence, the whole body posture gets disrupted.

    Rather, you should coil your body, instead of twisting. You can do this by turning your upper body as much as the double of your hips, while performing a backswing. Make sure that your knees face the golf ball, so that the left leg remains firm and the left knee bends a little. This will make sure that you don’t wholly twist your lower body. Also, your back should incline towards the ball, instead of an upright stance.

  3. Square with your forearms
  4. Do not square your club head with your shoulders, as this can result in less control and power over the club, along with more stress on your spine, arms, and shoulders. Over time, this posture can cause a lot of injuries. Instead you should use your forearms to square the club face, while rotating the back of your left hand towards the target. This makes your head stable and allows your eyes to directly see the club head, when it hits the golf ball. Keep in mind that controlling and rotating your club head with your forearms will automatically lift the golf ball.

  5. Vertical drop
  6. Most of the golf players swing their club head away from their body. During a backswing, they take their club behind their body and then perform the downswing. However, this a wrong approach, as this posture makes you only focus on moving the club face down with a maximum swing.

    Rather, when you start with the downswing, drop your club head vertically behind you. While doing this, don’t stuck your club face to return back to the golf ball. If you get stuck with the club face at the maximum swing, you will likely miss the ball by swinging the club head over the top of the ball. And, this definitely will give you a bad shot.

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