Five Simple And Efficient Methods Of Correcting Golf Slice

Have you ever paused and analyzed the games of your golf buddies and club members? An interesting point you’ll find is that they all slice the ball. And the slice is not a reserve of the amateur golfers alone. Slice is an unavoidable part of every golfer’s game; professionals are no exception here. You can’t wish away the golf slice; you’ve to work hard to correct the problem. Here are five simple methods to efficiently solve the golf slice.

Take a look at the ball placement

Placing the ball too far forward will force you to reach out and go off balance. When you’re not totally in control, instead of hitting the ball, you’ll cut it, resulting in either a pull or slice. Double-check the ball position in relation to your stance. Ideally, the best ball position to avoid slice is slightly back in your normal stance. Some golfers fear a push slice if the ball is placed slightly back, but the push slice can be easily avoided by focusing on club face angle, proper grip, and correct swing path.

Focus on the posture to avoid slice

We gave you a hint above, that a proper swing path and plane can prevent you from hitting a golf slice. To get the swing path and plane right, focus on your body posture. Golfers having a rounded back posture are more likely to slice the ball. When the spine angle is not right, golfers unconsciously take an outside-to-in swing path, resulting in a slice.

Grip the club differently

Talk with your coach and find out if your golf slice problem is due to your improper grip. Sometimes changing the grip can have a positive influence on the swing. It’s a well know fact that a proper grip is crucial to have a square clubface at the point of impact. Observe the way you grip the club. Ensure the left-hand fingers and the right-hand thumb creates a ‘V’ when you’re addressing the ball.

Be reasonable with the hip turn

Hip turn during the swing is important, but too much turn or doing it quickly can cause an outside-to-in swing path, resulting in a slice. There are two parts to it; try to achieve a lateral movement till the point of impact, and after that let the hip turn.

Address the most important cause of the golf slice – Alignment

Players with their clubs and body aligned to the right of the target are more likely to hit a golf slice. Correct your alignment to direct the body and club head towards the target.

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