The Challenge of Quinta da Ria Golf Course

Do you want to relax and at the same time play the sport that you love? Have you ever imagined yourself spending the day on a wide green field under the bright sunny day with your loved ones? It would always feel like paradise when you spend it at the Quinta da Ria golf course.

Physical Aesthetics

This paradise is located at the astounding area of Ria Formosa Natural Park at Tavira, Portugal where renowned land and seascapes add beauty to its entirety. Designed by the prominent Rocky Roquemore, Quinta da Ria, which is situated at the center of the park and at the right of Algarve coastline, challenges its esteemed players to conquer its 80-hole, 72-par, and 6,579-yard golf course. The seas and mountains that surround the course are certainly astonishing, perfect for nature-lovers and to those who want to find bliss in the tranquility of nature. The golf course is built with various tricky obstacle courses such as lakes, bunkers, and dog-legs that would add fun and excitement to the players. The lakes also irrigate the surrounding plants to ensure that the nature of flora and fauna is maintained. There are also cozy nearby hotels where you can spend the night off.

Featured Practice Facilities

The place has highly commended facilities that will make the customers want to go back in the field. These are all created for gamers who want to spend a spare of their time playing the game that they love and also for those who want to improve their golfing skills:

  1. Driving Range. This classical and large practicing facility measures 300 meters by 100 meters.
  2. Putting Greens- These are two large greens that are perfect to hone golfing skills.
  3. Academy Course- If you want to improve your golfing skills, then this is the right place for you. From iron games to learning how to get rid of the bunker, the academy offers the best teaching to its customers.

Knowing the Rates

As for establishing if this splendid golf experience offered by da Rima is within a reachable cost for you, here are the rates that you may ponder on:

  1. Electric Trolley (18 holes): 15.00€
  2. Manual Trolley (18 holes): 5€
  3. Driving Range (34 balls): 3.50€
  4. Doggy Buggies (18 holes): 38€
  5. Full Rent Set: 25€

Visit the place and experience what it has to offer!

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