The Most Simple Methods To Increase Your Long Game Accuracy

While everyone raves about the importance of putting to achieve a low score, they forget that even an impeccable putt play is of no use if a golfer takes umpteen numbers of strokes to get there. What you need to focus on is the accurate long game that gets the ball close to the green with the least number of strokes.

The golf long game is all about power and speed. That’s what most golfers think. Although there is some amount of truth in it, golfers must realize that trying too hard to generate power can affect the accuracy of the stroke. A powerful drive without accuracy is of no use at all. The below given simple method will help you to increase your long game accuracy.

  • As usual, we start with the stance. The gap between the legs (i.e.) the width between the insides of the feet, must be equal to the shoulder width. If the gap is higher than what is prescribed you’ll lose control over the swing. On the other hand, if it’s narrower, you’ll have problems with the balance and weight transfer during the swing, which will result in a poor long game shot.
  • Longer clubs, longer the ball will travel – this seems to be the idea based on which clubs are made. Nowadays, to achieve distance makers launch long clubs that are nearly 45 inches long. With increased length it becomes harder for golfers to control their drives. To gain better control over long game shots grip down the club. There must be a gap of at least an inch from the base of the grip area and your hands. It’s all about the feel, if you’re comfortable with even a lower grip, feel free to do so. Your aim is to improve your long game accuracy. For that you can try various grips and see how much control you have over the ball.
  • Don’t hit the ball like it’s your mortal enemy. Just because you’re attempting a long game shot, it doesn’t mean you’ve to use all your power while swinging the club. Golfers have a better chance at achieving distance and accuracy if they aim for a smooth, easy flowing swing, good acceleration, and clear contact with the ball. To make the ball fly straight, go long, and reach as close to the target spot as possible you need to use only 70 percent of normal strength. The golfer can practice their drives by applying 60, 70, or 85 percent of their strength. By practicing different strength swings regularly players can learn more about their drive and improve accuracy with each swing.
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