8 Things Every Golfer Ought To Know About Wind Game

Being a golfer, you must surely know how to tackle every kind of golf game, whether it is putting, short game, pitching, or a wind game. Among these, we will talk about the wind game in this blog. A wind game refers to a game of golf played in wind.

The wind brings rage with it by making your blustery days frustrating. Your good golf shots can become bad and your bad golf shots can turn out to be worse in blustery weather. Moreover, your confidence disappears, distance control suffers, and it is impossible to concentrate. Wind also diverts your golf ball and its position, thus causing your shot to fail and making you lose eventually.

You never know when you are playing a perfect game in sunny weather and suddenly the weather changes and becomes windy. At such times, you should know how to tackle your golf game. Just read the following 8 tips that can increase your knowledge as well as help you in improving your golf game in the wind.

  1. Club up
  2. For playing your golf shot into the wind, you must take ‘more club,’ with a less loft. And, when you play with the wind, you must strike ‘less club,’ with more loft.

  3. Choke down
  4. Take an additional club and choke down slightly. This way you will be able to control the club better and harden your shaft.

  5. Ball back
  6. In windy weather, low shots mean low scores. Therefore, you must keep the golf ball back in your posture. This way you will be able to hit down on the golf ball through a de-lofted club.

  7. Weight forward
  8. Keep your weight in front of your stance. This will allow your hands to stay in front of the golf ball during address, along with a lower ball flight and less loft.

  9. Swing easy during breezy weather
  10. Many people think that they should hit the golf ball harder in a windy weather. However, this is a wrong approach. Instead, you should make a controlled and smooth swing at around 80 per cent.

  11. Understand the wind
  12. It is important for you to know how the wind will influence certain shots. The beginning and end of your shot depends on the direction of the wind and the ball spin.

  13. Fight the wind
  14. This means if the wind is blowing from right to left, then you must try to hit a fade right at the target, if you are a right handed golfer. This way the golf ball sidespin will offset the wind and thus generate a moderately straight shot.

  15. Do not risk it
  16. You should know when you must cut your losses and draw back. Otherwise, the wind will expose you. Do not challenge green bunkers or trail sucker pins.

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