A List Of The Greatest Drills To Hit Down On Golf Ball

Many players don’t hit down on the golf ball. They’re either afraid of making contact with the ground or trying to help the ball into the air. As a result, they tend to scoop the ball rather than compress it. This action results in inconsistencies, loss of distance, and thin shots.

A thin shot occurs when you hit the golf ball with the leading edge rather than the clubface. To prevent this low line drive from happening, you’ll want to learn how to hit down on the golf ball with these drills.

Downhill Lie

Some practice areas are equipped with a piece of equipment that allows you to replicate uphill, downhill and even side hill lies. You’ll want to position this equipment in a downhill setup. If this equipment is unavailable, you may be able to find a downhill lie in front of the practice tee or near its edges. Just be sure to check with the golf course management prior to taking shots from these areas.

In order to have great contact from a downhill lie, you’ll have to focus on keeping your weight forward on the front foot and the club head behind your hands during your downswing. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself hitting poor shots caused by an improper weight shift or flipping your hands too early.

When you return to hitting normal shots, your newly learned skills should translate over.

Bunker Practice

Hitting shots out of a bunker will provide you with immediate feedback on your golf swing. To start, draw a line in the sand. If you have the space to hit full swings in your practice area, place the golf balls on the line. If you don’t, you can use the line as your guide.

Next, you’ll want to hit the golf ball first and take sand immediately in front of the line you drew.

This is a difficult drill, but you’ll be able to see your pattern of misses. If you’re hitting the sand well beyond the line, then you are still not hitting down on the ball.

Pool Party

Swim noodles aren’t just for floating in the pool. They can help you hit down on your golf ball.

Place a swim noodle (or similar soft object) about 30-45 cm behind the golf ball. By keeping your hands ahead of your club head on the downswing, you will avoid hitting the swing noodle and hit the ball before the ground. This drill will allow you to steepen your angle of attack and create a descending blow in your downswing.

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