4 Crucial Things To Consider When Purchasing Golf Balls

The Golf Ball market is enormous. Amateur golfers will not necessarily start each round with a new ball and indeed may not actually but brand new balls anyway. The better the golfer you are the more likely you are to be very selective about the golf ball you use. There are slight differences in each model within a manufacturer’s range and between different manufacturers. One you find a ball that you like, you should stick with it. There are a number of factors involved and which you prioritise is fairly subjective.


There is less difference between the average distances that different balls used to produce than there used to be. A few metres is fairly insignificant so distance has become less importance than some other factors.


The factor of cost relates to durability. An average golfer may hope for several rounds from a single ball to cut down the cost of the hobby. People who play on courses with plenty of water or deep rough can find golf an extremely expensive sport if they are prone to lose balls during a round. Some balls come under the broad heading of ‘hard’ or ‘soft.’ Hard balls are manufactured to last longer and if all other things are equal, hard balls are a popular choice.


The factor of spin is one that requires serious consideration. Average handicap golfers rarely hit a ball with an iron that goes over the pin and spins back closer. They are more likely to be hitting irons that fall short but then run forward after landing. If they can judge distances well, that is the easiest way for them to play. Similarly a pure strike is not guaranteed and playing with a ball that spins a fair deal can accentuate a hook or more commonly a slice.

Low handicap golfers and certainly all professionals have the skill to use spin to their advantage and their choice of golf balls will reflect that.


Feel is a strange concept when you consider that the surface of the ball is solid. Feel comes from within the outer casing and it tends to be associated closely with spin and is the choice of the better golfers.

The ball is just an element of course. Even very good golfers make mistakes but they can buy the ‘raw material’ to help them with their game. Manufacturers highlight the benefits of their specific balls and market share tends to show how good they are at fulfilling their promises.

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