How To Cure A Golf Slice Without Much Effort

The slice is the bane of every golfer's life. Better players tend to hook the ball because they have a swing path that approaches the ball from the inside. Most high handicappers slice the ball.

A sliced shot will cost you distance and you will be always short on your approaches, you won't get any penetration into any type of wind, you will always play in fear of the right side of the golf course, you will have to start every shot out to the left and slice it back into the fairway.

I'm guessing that you've tried everything to get rid of your slice. This article will teach you how to cure the slice the easy way.

  • Get your weight on your right side
  • The slice comes because players are on top of the ball rather than turning behind the ball and hitting up the back of the ball. Start off at address with your weight on your right hand side and move it there even more on your backswing.

  • Buy an anti-slice club
  • An anti-slice club is designed in a way that helps the toe come in and turn over, eliminating any chance of a slice. You can buy woods and irons that are anti-slice. This is a fast way of fixing your slice but I would recommend taking a look at your swing first to find the cause of the slice rather than patch over the symptoms with technology.

  • Hit hook shots
  • White you are on the practice ground, do everything you would do if you were trying to hit the ball right to left. Aim out to the right, get behind the ball, approach the ball from the inside and turn your forearms over as you follow through. Trying to hook the ball in this exaggerated way will help neutralize your slice.

  • Move the ball back in your stance
  • One cause of sliced shots is the shoulders being too open at impact. A quick fix for this is to move the ball back in your stance. Doing this will force your shoulders to be "square" at impact. Players who slice the ball will often move the ball further and further forward in their stance to try to start the ball out further to the left and slice it back into the fairway. Moving the ball back will be scary at first, but persist and you will start to straighten out your ball flight.

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