Impressive Golf Resorts In Algarve For Professionals And Beginners

Algarve is the southernmost county of Portugal. It is regarded as a Golfers’ Paradise; nowhere else on Earth you can find such beautiful concentration of world class courses and all of them are comfortably situated close to one another. Just like ants are attracted to the honey pot, golfers from all over the world come to this coast blessed with sun round the year. They just want to play the maximum number of rounds in their short span of vacation and indulge in the soothing atmosphere of the region.

The place has so much to offer to professionals and beginners alike. The amateur golfers are never overlooked just because of their fewer abilities. Some of the best golf courses of Algarve are mentioned below. You can go to any of them for the best experience of golf in your life.

Boavista Golf Course

The green fee for Boavista Golf Course starts from as low as 48 €. It offers fabulous facilities of golf in a beautifully sophisticated yet easy atmosphere. People from all over the world return to Boavista to enjoy golf over and over again. Designed by the former president of The European Institute of Golf Course Architects, Howard Swan MSc, the course is created as if it is not something out of place. It merges with the environment perfectly and is preserves and harmonizes with the natural terrains. The two separate parts of the course provide you a wide range of holes. The first hole welcomes you bordered by amazing landscaping and leads to well- balanced properties.

Portugal - Palmares Golf Course

The course is beautifully located in the coast of Algarve because of its ocean facing setting. The blue scenario is a delight to watch when you are at the course. The 27- hole course was architected by Robert Trent Jones II. The new course with 27 holes, Palmares Golf Course was reopened in 2010. It has been featured in the top 100 golf courses of Europe.

Portugal - Morgado Golf Course

The green fee for this fabulous course may start from just 30 €. Set in the valley of inner Algarve, amid Monchique and Portimão, Golfe do Morgado poses brilliant challenges to amateur as well as seasoned golfers. The par 73 course actually covers much more distance because of its generously wide fairways.

Portugal - Alamos

In this course as well, you can play low cost golf worth 30 € and still enjoy amazing facilities. Almos golf course is neighbor to Morgado and is a stunning exam of your skills.

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