How To Order A Golf Package At An Affordable Price

Some smart ways to save money and maximize fun

Prior to reading this article, you might be thinking that it is next to impossible to plan an affordable golf vacation. However, it is not true. You do not have to sell your kidney to enjoy a marvelous golf trip. Here, we provide you with some essential tips to make your trip affordable as well as unforgettable.

Take a note of discounts on accommodations

Keep a check on the ongoing discounts on the golf resorts and other accommodations. In addition, make a note of those hotels which give a complimentary night along with your basic stay in that hotel. For example, many hotels would offer a third night free, if you stay for two nights and three days. Thus, you have an extra day to enjoy.

Find a cheap and best golf resort

Ask your friends, search the web, and look for any possible means to find out a golf club that offers cheap and best game of golf. It is not necessary for a good golf course to have a $175 price tag hung outside. Another method to save some more money is to look for multi-play courses. It refers to those courses that are operated or owned by one company, or those courses that are partners. If you choose more multi-play courses, you get more discounts.

Select non-peak hours for your play

You can book your tee time other than the peak hours. For example, on weekdays, most golf courses offer reasonable prices for the tee time. Another option is to book your tee time after 12 pm or before 8 am. Most golf courses will offer discounted rates during these times.

Go for vacation in groups

Take your buddies with you on your trip. The more people you take, the more money you save. For example, if you share a 2-bed room with 4 friends, you save a lot. You can ask for extra bedding, if the hotel policy allows. Another way is to make a huge group of, say, 20 golfers for the trip. The group leader might get a free package and the saved money can be divided among the group members.

Look for brand new golf course

It is a smart way to book a nice and brand new golf course. Such places need people to spread a positive word about them and thus save on advertising. It is a good deal for the golf course owner as well as you.

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