What Makes Algarve Golf Breaks Really Worth Trying

Algarve is called the golfing heaven because of the unlimited alternatives available for golf courses. This southernmost region of Portugal is one among the most famous tourist spots in Europe. The place offers several activities to do apart from golf such as cross border zip line, interaction with dolphins, flamingo watching, stork watching, snorkeling, beach football, etc. Below are mentioned a few famous places of Algarve.


Faro is a busy city, being the capital of Algarve. The Faro airport is a host to the majority of visitors of southern Portugal. Being one of the oldest towns of the region, it is famous for sightseeing. You will find several restaurants and cafés in Faro, tucked tactfully between the row of artisans’ workshops and tidy houses. There is a museum that exhibits the treasures, which were unearthed in this region. You can also visit a small marina, Natural Park, and fabulous beaches of Faro.


Being located close to the coast of eastern side of Algarve, Tavira is one among the most picturesque towns of the region. It is situated on the both banks of river Gilao and the region is famous for its historical heritage. The architecture of Tavira typically consists of hipped roofs and 21 churches to embellish the town. There is a 17th century elegant bridge bestriding the river.


Vilamoura is a host to at least five championship courses for golf, which make this place an up market coastal golf resort town. If you are at a fine golf course, you will be offered prefential green fee along with other incentives like free shuttle service to commute to and from your clubhouse. The place also exhibits the biggest marina facility of Portugal, which provides 825v berths. It can at least 60 meters of vessels. The pricey restaurants and designer boutiques add a distinct charm to the town. Being a family friendly tourist destination, the place remains packed for outdoor activities.


Algarve holidaymakers give the first preference to Albufeira at all times. The place is a host to the most accessible golf resorts of Algarve. It was a former fishing village and the Romans had once built a castle in Albufeira, which was later strengthened by the Moors. At present, you will not find much of the historical things, but Albufeira compensates for its lack of historical legacy with its vacation atmosphere. Neon-lit streets of the resorts illuminate the plethora if cafés, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs. Beaches of Albufeira are a certain crowd puller.

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