What To Know About The Royal Birkdale Golf Club In England

Royal Birkdale Golf Club is one of the oldest Golf clubs, the history has ever seen. It was founded in 1889 and was opened for play in 1894. It is a private Golf club and is located in the Southport of England. It also has the honor of being an open club for both men and women Open Championships. As the championships are in a rotating order, it has hosted the Championship (Men), nine times. The first time was in 1954 and the most recent was hosted in 2008, July. According to the schedule, it will host its next championship in 2017. When it comes to Women Championship, it has hosted a total of six with the recent one of these arranged in 2014. It also has the honor of hosting Senior Open Championship which was arranged in 2013.

It has also hosted other famous cups like The Walker Cup in 1951, The Curtis Cup in 1948 and the Ryder Cup in 1965 and then 1969.

This club has the richest history among all the private Golf Clubs. It was founded by the name Birkdale Golf Club in 1889. It was honored with an addition status “Royal” in the year 1951. In the year 1894, the club moved to a new location in the hills of Birkdale which increased its importance even more due to the natural sights and greenery. In 1935, the owner built another Golf club by the name, Deco Clubhouse. In the start of the year 1939, Birkdale Golf Club was nominated to host the 1940’s Open Golf Championship but in September 1939, World War II started which resulted in cancellation of the championship and postponing it. In 1946, a Golf Championship by the name The Amateur Championship was hosted by the Royal Club. It was the very first championship hosted by this club and after that, hosting continued. In 1948, the course hosted the Curtis Cup followed by the Walker Cup in 1951. Both these cups were won by the players from USA. After hosting these championships, the Club was ready for hosting big championships like Open Championship. In 1954, the Royal Birkdale Club hosted its first Open Championship for men.

With its rich history when it comes to the championships, it also has a rich history when it comes to its architectural designing. Three generations of the famous Hawtree Family worked in designing this golf course, due to its vastness.

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