5 Free Golf Tips To Help You Improve Your Short Pitch

If you want to improve your short pitch and want some free advice regarding how to do it, go through the following 5 golf tips that can help you to improve your short game.

  1. Take advantage of the bounce on pitches
  2. Utilize the bounce that accompanies your shot, so that your pitch shot is close to the hole. The bounce on pitches will assist you in sliding your club through the grass and hitting soft, floating shots. Ensure that your hands are little bit behind or in line with the clubhead. If you push your hands forward like you do when playing a chip shot, your club can get stuck in the grass and you can even de-loft the clubface.

  3. On pitch shots do not freeze your swing
  4. In short pitch shots, you need to hit the ball at a lesser distance. However, this does not imply that you need to abandon your swing mechanics. Instead, you should maintain a good setup. You can do this by squaring the club face and taking a closed stance. On your backswing, hinge your right wrist slightly, so that the handle stays close to you. Ensure that you turn your body. And, on your downswing, turn towards the target, so that the level of your hips is at the finish

  5. Pitch with your arms
  6. When you pitch the shots with your wrists, you increase the chances of hitting it thin or fat. Thus, you should utilize your arms more. Ensure that your arms are in a ‘V’ shape, while you sole the club. You should aim to maintain the ‘V’ shape as you swing your club back and through, with only a slight forearm rotation or hand action. Try to maintain the clubface loft as you did at the time of address. This will make your ball fly high and nice, with ample spin. The key is to keep it simple.

  7. To hit a flop shot slam the club
  8. In order to obtain the full impact of the swing, you need to play a flop shot. For hitting such type of shot accurately, you must extend your left shoulder that is going back, open the clubface, and then slam the wedge into the ground. This may sound scary to you, but the wedge bounce will stop the iron from digging. The advice is to not slam the wedge and stop. Additionally, you must keep the clubface pointing towards the sky, while moving the clubhead forward with full-throttle.

  9. On flop shots slide the clubface below the ball
  10. You should slide the clubface below the ball and make the clubhead pass the shaft during impact, in order to hit a correct flop shot. You should keep the clubface open at impact, while positioning it at the right side of the target. This will grip the club and add more loft. You can even rotate your hands towards the target and weaken your grip, which will in turn soften the shot. However, the advice is to open the face of the blub, prior to taking your grip.

Follow these 5 free golf tips in order to improve your short pitch.

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