A Tried And Tested Way To Get More Yards From Your Shots Off The Tee

Numerous players believe that a drive goes further on the off chance that it is one of those drives that begins low and ascends high toward the end. This is a shot called an ace ascent. To make a drive go further you have to dispatch it high with a low measure of twist. The ball shapes a high curve sort flight that flies further and runs more. Picture the bend of a rainbow to get the thought! In the event that you hit this shape then it will go miles further.


The setup is critical to hitting it long off the tee. Numerous beginners set up like they are hitting an iron, i.e. exceptionally level shoulders and hips, weight even, ball back and so on. That outcomes in poor curl and weight exchange and prompts a poor approach. That thusly prompts either a low shot with no force or a pop-up or sky shot. Frequently this sky shot is brought on by assaulting the ball from a lofty edge or from outside to in.

Presently, push your left hip forward and drop your right shoulder down a little so you feel 60% of your weight on your right foot with position a clue more extensive than you're iron. Feel some weight in your thighs, not too tight but rather prepared to go. I call it live pressure.


Here are the tips.

  1. Put a few head-covers in a straight line to the objective, just to one side of the ball. At that point on the off chance that you come incredible, you will hit the spreads and realize what you have done.
  2. Hit some crouched drivers. It chips away at the reason that a decent tee shot must be screwed over thanks to a shallow plane that outcomes in a clearing approach.
  3. Tee it high and steadily draw nearer and taller until you expect your ordinary position. You will feel that your body is more dynamic now, yet it ought to be more fit to your arms.


  1. Tee it higher than ordinary.
  2. Position the ball inverse your left arm pit.
  3. Drop your right shoulder and push your left hip forward so that your spine feels tilted to one side and with your weight on your right foot around 60%.
  4. Somewhat more extensive position and weight in the thighs (a bit).
  5. Loop onto your right knee which ought to stay bowed and propped. At the top you ought to feel a considerable measure of weight in your right thigh.
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