Five Golf Tricks To Help You Improve Your Short Game Accuracy

Short game in golf is something that takes a lot of time to perfect. And, you need great tips and just right strategies to reach the summit of short game. Let us look at some tips that may help you in this regard:

  1. Chip using your hands
  2. It is the worst advice that a golfer may get that you should chip with a putting motion. To hit an effective chip shot, you have to engage the hands and allow them to deal with the shot. There is no movement of hands in a putt shot. On the other hand, it is critical to hinge the wrists for a great chip shot. If you are a right-handed player, you must feel that you are using your right wrist in order to hinge your golf club on your backswing. Now, release the club down to hit the ball. This motion is very powerful and you just need a little movement to dash the golf ball out of grass. It will land gently on greens.

  3. Use the bounce of the pitch
  4. If you want to get the pitch shot closest to the hole, you must make use of the bounce of the pitch. This will assist you slide your club through grass and take a soft, floating hit only if the hands are aligned with the clubhead during the impact.

  5. Pitch using your arms
  6. When you sole you golf club, you must observe that your arms make a V-shape. You must preserve this shape as you take the swing back and forth. The action of hands and forearms should be minimal. You just need to maintain the loft, which you instituted at the address. The ball will fly high and take better spin.

  7. Keep the hands soft while chipping
  8. If you want to take a good chip shot, you must keep your hands soft. The pressure on the grip should be light to ensure that there is hardly any tension in the arms and your hands remain soft. And then, a simple technique of chipping should be employed- contact first with your chin high and keep your back straight.

  9. Observe your left arm
  10. Left arm plays a major role in chipping. The left arm and hand begin the backswing as an entity and there is a little hinge in the wrists. While you take the downswing, ensure that your left arm plays the lead role to make the clubhead hit the ball.

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