Practical Advice On Where To Look For Affordable Golf Equipment

So the golf bug has bitten! Up until now, you have played a couple of rounds with your friends using an ancient set of “hand-me-down” clubs that you have borrowed. Time for an upgrade, but where do you start when looking for affordable options. Well luckily, there are a number of places to upgrade your golf equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying something brand new.

Start online

Consider an online portal where people can advertise their unwanted items. In the UK, Gumtree is a great example while in the United States, Craigslist is very popular. Here you will find every golfing item you would ever need, second-hand of course, but normally at very good prices. Remember to take your time and don’t just jump at the first, cheap option. Request detailed pictures of the equipment before meeting the seller to inspect them first hand.

Other options include dedicated online stores selling used equipment. Many of these exist in both Europe and the United States.

Local pawnshops

Local pawnshops in your area are also a good place to find used golfing equipment. The added advantage here is that you can physically examine everything before committing to a purchase. Use your bargaining skills to try and get the price down as well, although many pawnshops will probably sell clubs and other golfing paraphernalia at slightly higher prices than they are worth.

Your local golf club

Many local golf clubs have noticeboards where members can advertise any equipment they are selling. Check these regularly to find well-priced pieces. Consider contacting other clubs in your general surrounds. Club secretaries generally know if members have equipment for sale and will be able to give you the relevant contact numbers.

Your local golf store

Golf stores often have areas where people can display equipment that they have for sale. These will also be well priced. Consider this as an option if you are looking for equipment that you know is in excellent condition. The other advantage is that the staff in the store will be able to give you the best possible advice should you have any questions.

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